Events Calendar 2008
Islamic Events 2008

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful 

Events Calendar 2008
Ramazan Schedule will be posted separately

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Islamic Events

Islamic Date

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March 17th


Eid-e-Zehra A.S.

9th Rabi Awwal


March 22nd

Saturday Milad un Nabi (S.A.W.) 17th Rabi Awwal

14th Rabi Awwal

April 17th


Wiladath Imam Hussan Askari A.S.

10th Rabi Thani


May 8th

Thursday Wiadath Bib Zainab A. S. 5th Jamadi ul Awwal

3rd Jamadi-ul-Awwal 

May 17th

Thursday Shahadat Bibi Fatima A. S. 13th Jamadi-ul-Awwal


June 3rd

Saturday Shahadat Bibi Fatima A. S. 3rd Jamadi-ul Thani


June 26th

Saturday Wiladath Bibi Fatima A. S. 20th Jamadi-ul Thani

22nd Jamadi-ul Thani 

July 3rd

Thursday Wiladath Imam Baqir A.S. 1st. Rajab


July 10th

Thursday Shahadath Imam Ali Naqi A.S. 3rd Rajab

7th of Rajab

July 12th

Thursday Wiadath Imam Mohd. Taqi A.S. 10th Rajab


July 17th

Saturday Wildath Imam Ali A.S. 13 Rajab


July 24th

Thursday Shahadath Imam Mossa Kazim A. S. 25th Rajab

21st of Rajab  

July 31st

Thursday Jurney of Imam Hussain A.S. 28th Rajab


August 2nd

Thursday Wiladath Imam Hussain A. S. 2nd Shabab 


August 16th

Saturday Wiladath Imam Mehdi A. S. 15Th Shaban




Important Event

Wafat Janab-e-Khatija (A.S)

Birthday Imam Hasan (A.S.)

Martydom Imam Ali (A.S.)


Yum-ul Qudus

Please be on time and keep the center clean at all times.