Membership Eligibility:

The person must be in good standing with Ahle-baith association and have paid all his membership dues. The person(s) must follow the Islamic laws and progeny of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) and authority of ulma Islam. He must be resident of Michigan. The person must pledge to abide by Objectives and Bylaws of the Ahle-baith association as described in the Ahle-baith association constitution (available on request from the Association).

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Membership Fee:

Family $350.00
Single $250.00

Fitra Payments:

Instructions: Fitra must be paid after Maghreb prayer and before Eid prayer. This year, Fitra is $12/person. While paying, add a note in the Memo section on PayPal indicating Syed or Non-Syed and amount for each.

Election Updates:

The Election 2007 results were announced to the community members via personal emails. Should you have any questions please write an email to the election commission at subject :Election 2007


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