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Weekly Program Details

Headline: Weekly Program Update | Dua Kumail | Majlis Isaal-e-Sawaab      

Weekly Program Details:  Stay tuned for Ramadhan Schedule


THURSDAY: Majlis for the Isaal-e-Sawab of marhoom Syed Raees s/o Syed Jalal Haider (the husband of Br. Hasan Rizvi's niece)


Thursday: Dua -e- Kumail  (Start at 7:30pm)

Event Start @ End @ Duration
Dua-e-Kumail 08:00p 08:25p 25 min
Majlis 08:25p 09:20p 55 min
Salat-Maghribain 09:20p 10:00p 40 min
Ziarat 10:00p 10:05p 05 min
Program End 10:05p 10:05p - min

Total Duration

 1 hours 35 min

Friday: Friday Prayers 1:39p

Event Start @ End @ Duration
Azan 1:39p 1:45p 05 min
Khutba 1:45p 02:15p 30 min
Salat 02:15p 02:35p 20 min
Ziarat 02:35p 02:40p 05 min

Total Duration

 1 hours 00 min

Sunday: No Program

Event Start @ End @ Duration
Start 12:00pm 6:00pm 1 hrs 00 min
      1 hrs 00 min
30 min
      30 min
1 hrs 00 min

Total Duration

 4 hours 00 min


Special Event of the Week


Thursday: Dua Kumail/Majlis Isaal-e-Sawaab
Program start:

Location: Zainabia Center