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 COVID-19 Relief For Zainabia Center Members

COVID 19 pandemic is affecting us all in multitude of ways; loss of lives, loss of jobs, inability to pay medical expenses due to loss of health coverage and other situations.

With input from our community, the Ahlebaith Association has decided to setup a fund to help its members who are facing financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic. Following information is to help members understand the scope of how this fund will work:

Who can take Benefit of AAOM Relief Fund
  • Members of Ahlebaith Association of Michigan and immediate family member who was supporting the household expenses qualify.
Circumstances to qualify for fund benefits
  • If a member is unable to pay for household expenses due to lay off.
  • If the bread-earner in the family lost life due to the infection
  • If the member is unable able to pay tuition for college due to loss of a part time job that covered education expenses
Is it a loan or grant?
  • The benefits are paid out as Qarz-e-Hasanah
Who would I need to contact?
  • All requests for benefits will be handled by H.I Syed Sartaj Zaidi. You can either approach him directly or through someone you trust, the goal is to maintain anonymity as much as possible.
How much money will I get?
  • Amount of money will be determined based on several factors. These include any unemployment benefits from State or Federal governments, presence of health insurance, length of layoff/furlough etc. Every case will be evaluated individually to determine the need.
Would I get one-time assistance?
  • Depending on your situation, you may receive monthly assistance until the need exists.
I know Someone Who Is In Need. What Do I do?
  • Please contact H.I Syed Sartaj Zaidi directly or thru someone who can communicate your message to molana in a discrete manner.
I Like This Initiative. How Can I Contribute?
  • In this time of need, we encourage all who have the ability, to help our brothers and sisters in need. You can help in either one or both the ways described below:
  • Contribute to the seed-money by making a one-time donation of $2000 or more OR/AND
  • You can make a monthly donation of $50, $100, $200 or more with a minimum commitment of 3 months. Our treasurer will contact you with details on method of payment.
We welcome your feedback. Please send us an email at ahlebaith.association@gmail.com. Alternatively, you can contact Molana Sartaj Zaidi.

We pray for the health and safety of everyone in our community and request you to remember those who have been infected with the COVID-19 virus.



Message From H.I Syed Sartaj Zaidi Regaring COVID-19

At this time, the whole world is suffering from the Corona virus. Many countries are in lock down mode.

The outbreak has become one of the biggest threats to the global economy as travel has been restricted and many businesses temporarily shut down.

It is changing how we live our daily lives. Seeing how the global pandemic has affected various aspects of life every where reveals the unique nature of this crisis.

Our social gatherings have been disturbed, schools and offices closed, and religious gatherings shut down.

Religion is supposed to be a source of comfort in times of confusion and suffering.

Important Events
While Coronavirus crisis continues, we will hold all of our programs online using Zoom. Please subscribe to our email distribution to get the latest updates on special programs:
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