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    Zainabia Center Michigan Funeral Service

    In the event of death of a believer, it becomes obligatory on all Muslims to arrange for his or her burial by following all rituals according to Islamic Laws. God forbit, if a Muslim is buried according to some other faith, every adult of the community who had become aware of the situation and did take an action would have committed a sin according to Islamic laws. This is the gist of edicts of all Muslim scholars regardless of sects of Islam.

    With this spirit, Zainabia Center of Michigan is offering funeral service in the State of Michigan free of charge (excluding third party costs) to make it easier for the believers to carryout this obligation even if they don’t have the know-how or resources.

    Muslim Cemetery

    Zainabia Center has acquired a large piece of burial land exclusively for the Muslim community. The grave sites are offered on first-come-first-serve basis at a non-profit basis. This Muslim graveyard is located inside United Memorial Garden, 4800 Curtis Road, Plymouth, MI 48170. With the capacity of our current burial site approaching full allotment, we are in the process of acquiring more land.

    Announcement of Death

    Upon requests, Zainabia Center sends out announcements of deaths to it’s email distribution list. This serves two purposes: first, community members are requested to pray for the deceased and secondly, it alerts our Funeral committee to initiate our protocols to take necessary actions to arrange for the washing, shrouding and burial of the deceased.

    Funeral Services

    For your convenience, here is the map of the cemetery showing availability of grave plots currently available. To book a plot, please click on the link below to submit your request. You will be contacted by one of our burial committee members. You will be provided the receipt of payment and allotment certificate.


    Funeral Services Offered

    When we are contacted by the loved ones of a deceased for help, our funeral committee educates the family about the process and offers them options available to them according to the situation. We have working relationships with many Muslim funeral homes to transport body of the deceased from hospital to funeral homes, washing and shrouding, and the Islamic Janazah Prayers. We also help the family work with the cemetery to arrange for burial services (grave preparation and ceremony arrangements).

    Funeral Home Services:

    These services involve transportation of the body of the deceased from hospital or the location of death to the funeral home, overnight storage when needed, issuance of the certificate of death, and finally, transportation of the body to the cemetery. They also provide casket and a cement vault with lid (required by State of Michigan) at cost.

    Cemetery Services:

    United Memorial Gardens handles the actual burial. They dig the grave, arrange for the tent and chairs and lowering of the casket in the grave. They charge a fixed amount for these services. These services are offered Monday through Saturday from 9AM – 3PM. No funeral can take place after 3PM.


    Services Amount Payable To / Carried out by
    Funeral Home Services (Transportation, Certification) $1500 - $2000 Funeral Home
    Cement Vault $300 - $700 Funeral Home
    Casket $500 - $3000 Funeral Home
    Washing, Shrouding No Cost Zainabia Funeral Committee
    Janazah Prayers No Cost Zainabia Community Scholar(s)
    Grave Plot $1000 (For Members Only) - Retail: $2900 Zainabia Center of Michigan
    Burial Services $2000 United Memorial Gardens

    Donate To Zainabia Funeral Fund

    We have setup a fund to pay for the funeral expenses of a Muslim who did not leave anyone behind or others such a traveler. We will pay for all of the expenses incurred through this fund. Please Donate generously so that no one is deprived of a proper Islamic burial.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. Who do I contact when I need funeral services?

    Ans. Please submit a “Funeral Services Request” or “Email Us”. Someone will be in touch with you.

    Q2. What if someone doesn’t have any relatives? Who will pay for his/her burial?

    Ans. If you know that someone has passed away who doesn’t have anyone to pay for funeral, we can arrange for funds through generous donations from our community members.

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