Pay Membership Dues / Donations

    Your membership dues play a crucial role in supporting the various initiatives and programs that our community undertakes throughout the year. These funds help organize programs, invite guest speakers, maintain Zainabia Center facilities and provide other valuable services to our members. 

    Programs and Events throughout the year

    Your membership dues contribute to the successful organization of year round programs that include Majalis during months of Muharram and Safar, Ramadan Programs,  Milad, Eid and weekly Thursday Dua-Kumayl Program and Friday prayers.  These religious gatherings, lectures, and events are led by Resident Aalim and guest speakers catering to both Urdu and English speaking community members.

    Funeral Services

    Ahlebaith Association assists with logistical aspects of the funeral, including ghusl of the deceased, coordinating transportation, liaising with cemeteries, and ensuring adherence to Islamic laws and traditions. Zainabia has a dedicated funeral room that is well-maintained and equipped with required supplies at all times. 


    A portion of your membership dues goes towards covering the utility costs associated with our facilities. This ensures that our facilities remain comfortable and functional throughout the year.

    Sunday School

    Our Sunday School provides Qur’an, Fiqh, Akhlaq (morality and ethics), and history classes, ranging from preschoolers to 10th graders.

    Arranging help for people in need

    Your membership dues enable us to organize and coordinate help for individuals and families facing hardships. Our assistance includes but is not limited to Financial Support, Food and Clothing Drives, Scholarships and Counseling and Guidance

    Al-Ajal Youth Programs

    Al-Ajal youth community organizes Islamic educational workshops, seminars and recreational activities throughout the year under guidance of Resident Aalim and visiting scholars. Some of the activities include sports, bonfires, educational scholarships, game nights, toy drives, mentoring, meetups and charity. These youth programs are vital in shaping the future leaders of our Zainabia community.

    And many more

    These are just a few examples of how your support through membership dues directly benefits our community. Your contributions help us maintain a vibrant and active community that serves the needs of all our members. In addition to the existing programs and initiatives, we are excited to share that the new multi-purpose hall that is currently under construction inshaAllah will be available in coming months. This new addition will significantly enhance our community’s capabilities and provide opportunities for our youth and members of all ages to engage in a variety of activities and events.

     Eid Al-Ghadeer,

    Assalam-o-Alaikum, Join us on Monday, June 24th at Zainabia Center of Michigan to celebrate Eid Al-Ghadeer, a joyous occasion that marks the appointment of Imam Ali (AS) as the Prophet’s (PBUH) successor, symbolizing divine guidance, leadership, and unity in Islam. Program Schedule:   7:15 PM: Quran Recitation   7:20 PM: Kahoot & Certificate distribution for our Sunday School students   8:00 PM: Speech by Sheikh […]

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    UMOJA GAMES 2024 – 313 Soccer League

    As-Salaam Alaykum, We are thrilled to invite you to register for the 313 Soccer League! Following our successful 2023 season where our soccer teams with over 70 players participated in Umoja Games hosted in Indianapolis, we’re gearing up for another fantastic year of soccer action. This year Umoja games will be held at The Proving […]

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